Breed German Shepherd
  • Current - Russian Dogs
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Drowned)
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Alam in GDWEdit

Alam is a German Shepherd who originally came from Russia. Here, he was an army dog. As so, he has pleanty of experience and works under Victor as Major. His platoon contains about 20 dogs.

During a war in Russia, Alam saved an enemy soldier because he believed that the dog was too young to die. However, Alam's mercy was repayed poorly as the young dog later returned with reinforcements and killed off Alam's entire platoon.

A human solider then caught Alam, and tore of both his ears and the skin on his muzzle, as punishment for killing one of his dogs. As the human continue the torture, Maxim – another platoon leader under Victor – arrives and saved Alam.

Because of these two experiences, Alam became a heartless soldier who wouldn't hesitate to kill civilians, women or children.

Alam follows Victor to Hokkaido and they planned to kill all dogs there to conquer the island. Together with Victor, Alam kills Hakuro's son Seiryu and all of the remaining members of his pack. After an encounter with Gin's pack, Alam is send out with Maxim to find their base. However, he gets ambushed by Akame and the koga dogs. After a short fight, Alam presses forward, but leaves Maxim behind who pretends to be wounded.



As Maxim leaves Victor to join the Ou army, Alam becomes influenced by the choice. He begins to question Victor's motives of conquering Hokkaido and his blood thirst. He has many short fights with Weed's group as they enter Hokkaido. After a conversation with them, Alam decides to join the Ou army in secrecy and begins to work against Victor to bring him down.

Alam does not participate in the final battle against Victor, but as he sees Victor trying to escape by sea, Alam goes after him. He catches up, drags Victor under water and wraps Victor's legs into seaweed. They both drown on the bottom of the ocean.

Alam is seen again for a short remark, when Maxim travels back to Russia by sea. When Maxim was about to drown during a storm at the sea, Alam's spirit came to him to aid and give him the strength to live.