Bemu in GNG Edit


Breed Boxer
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - Bemu's Pack
Status Deceased (Killed by Gaia's soldiers)
  • Brown
  • Yellowish Belly
  • Deformed Head
Age Unknown
Name Meaning

Bemu was the leader of a pack in the area of Satsuma. He once got his head damaged when some acid was spilt on it. Bemu meets Great who tries to make Bemu join Gin’s platoon.

But Bemu is not willing to follow, since he doesn't want to show his hidious face to the world. He demands that Great shall place himself on a railroad and stay there, even if a train comes by. He wants to see how brave Great really is. When Great does not move and only asks Bemu to take care of his group, Bemu jumps down and saves Great in the last minute. Bemu then joins the platoon.

After the death of Akakabuto, Bemu gets killed by Gaia’s soldiers in their search for Gin.