Benizakura (紅桜)

Breed Tosa
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Drowned)
  • Brown
  • Scarred Face
  • No ears
  • Yellow collar
  • Old Owner - Shin
Age 10
Name Meaning Crimson Cherry Blossom
  • "To leave a guidance for the next generation of youngsters, that is how a fighting dog dies"
  • " Goodbye, Gin. Become an honourable warrior.’

Benizakura in GNGEdit

Benizakura was born ten years ago up in the mountains. He grew quickly and when he turned three, no dogs could defeat him in battle. He started to participate in dog-fights and won everything he participated in. Quickly he came to the final battle of the Championship against the undefeated champion Tsuna Arashi. That battle was stopped after 30 min. and ended in a tie. Tsuan Arashi was already champion, and could therefore keep his title. Benizakura’s pride was hurt and he now started a hard training to be able to meet Tsuna Arashi again and defeat him.

After some time, Benizakura could not wait any longer and he ran away to seek out Tsuna Arahi. When he finally found him he couldn't believe his own eyes. Tsuna Arashi had stopped participating in dog-fights and had now become a training dog for the young fighting dogs. Benizakura became furious and he killed the young dogs.

Afterwards he disappeared to Shikoku, where Gin and the group find him. They convinced him to join the platoon after Gin has shown his courage by fighting him. Benizakura gets killed while trying to drown the bear Mosa.