Breed Blackmouth Cur
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - Hougen's Pack
Status Deceased (Killed by Bozlef's Soldiers
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Buruge in GDWEdit

Buruge of Yashamori joined Hougen together with Bat, Kite, Toube, Kintaro, Jaw and Miruko. He becomes one of Hougen's platoon leaders after proving himself worthy in a fight.

Buruge is the one who brings back Kyoushiro to Gajou, the fortress of Hougen. However, he doesn't get credit for it, because Bat discovers that Kyoushiro is a traitor. Buruge is send out by Hougen to find Weed. His platoon gets surrounded by Weed's pack and Weed talk to Buruge. Weed lets him go and tells him that the humans will blow up Gajou. Buruge then sends two of his minions to Hougen to tell what Weed said.

He is tired of the battle and decides to leave the place for good. But on his way, Buruge meets Gin and he decides to fight for him and defeat Hougen.

Buruge stays with the Ou army after Hougen's death. He aids Weed in the battle again the Gelada general, Shougun and Gin against the Russian invader, Victor. Buruge gets killed by the Victor's brother, Bozlef's soldiers.