Chutora (中虎)

Breed Kai Ken
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Unknown Reason. Supposedly died of old age or sickness)
  • Gray
  • Black stripes
  • Right ear cut off
  • Brothers - Kurotora, Akatora
  • Sons - Shigure, Shouji, Buru, Dodo
  • Nephews - Kagetora, Nobutora, Harutora
Age 4
Name Meaning Middle Tiger

Chutora in GNGEdit

Chutora is the brother of Akatora and Kurotora and the second eldest of the Kai-brothers. He is missing his right ear, but why nobody knows. Chutora and his brothers were abandoned by their master when they were about a month old. They were attacked by a dreadfull snake, but their wild temper saved them and they killed the big snake. Later on, they were attacked by a marten, who wanted to eat them. However, the Great dane and platoon leader, Ben came to aid and chased the marten away.

When the brothers met Ben’s platoon, they didn't recognize Ben instantly. Insted they fight him and his platoon. But when Akatora remembers how Ben saved him and his brother’s life, he stops the fight at once and joins the group.

After the final battle, Chutora hears about the trouble Gin’s pack has with wolves attacking them. When Gin and his group disappears into the Underworld, Chutora gathers a force of old friends to help Gin in the fight. They arrive just in time to save Gin from being killed by Juga.