Breed Saluki
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Alive
  • Pure white
  • Long furry ears
  • Brown collar
  • Mate - Ben
  • Puppies - Ken, George, Minnie
Age 8 in GNG; Unknown in GDW
Name Meaning None

Cross in GNGEdit

Cross is the only female dog mentioned in Riki’s pack. She is Ben’s mate and has the puppies Ken, George and Minnie with him. Before Cross joined the group she lived a safe life with people. However she was betrayed by her master, when he left her to die after an encounter with Akakabuto. She then joined Riki’s pack.

After the final battle, Cross and her puppies gets kidnapped by the wolf, Retsuga who takes her to his leader Reima. She stays here unharmed until Ben finds her and brings her back to their hideout in Ou.

Cross in GDWEdit

Cross is the mother of Ken, George and Minnie. She is living in Kofu with her mate Ben. After getting attacked by Hougen's soldiers, Cross is saved by her sons Ken and George. Ben decides that they have to go to Ou to see what's going on.

On the way, they meet Akame who tells them about Weed and the threat Hougen is in Ou. Akame takes the two to a hideout where they stay until Akame take them to Weed's base.

During the final battle against Hougen, Cross gets wounded when she tries to protect her mate, Ben and her son, George from Hougen's rage.

She stays a part of the Ou army after Hougen's death.

Cross in GDWOEdit

No info yet. Like Chutora, she may have died in the middle of GDW and GDWO