Gao (牙王)

Species Wolf
  • Current - None
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Unknown)
  • Descendant - Reima
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Gao in GNGEdit

Gao is the ancestor of Reima. When the food subly ran out in Gao's domain, he and his subordinates started killing domestic animals. The humans who owned the animals therefore started shooting his pack. Gao then fled deep into the Underworld to protect his pack. Soon, his lethal enemy Black Wolf was allowed to join Gao's pack, as they couldn't live above the earth either.

Here they met the dragon monster Jaryuki who killed several of his soldiers by spitting acid at them. After defeating Jaryuki, Gao's pack was at peace. However, even as the generations changed, Black Wolf's pack was always on the lookout for a chance to take over Gao's pack completely.

When Gao's soldiers, who had once been so loyal to their king, left the pack to seek out wars (It was said that the flesh of the dragon Jaryuki changed their spirits) the leader of the 9th generation of Black Wolf's pack, took the chance and took over the pack. However, Gao was deceased when that happened. No further information available.