Hidetoshi (秀俊)

Species Human
  • Current - None
  • Formally - None
Status Alive
  • Father - Unamed Father
  • Old Dog - John
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Hidetoshi in GNGEdit

Hidetoshi is the son of Ou villiage’s former mayor. The mayor was killed by the bear Akakabuto. After several years in Tokyo, Hidetoshi returns to Ou to revenge his father's death. Together with his dog, John, he succeed in killing one of Akakabuto’s cubs.

When John disappears, the hunt for Akakabuto stops and Hidetoshi goes back to his profession as a doctor. Hidetoshi meets his old dog again after the final battle against the monster bear Akakabuto.

Hidetoshi in GDWEdit

Hidetoshi was the former owner of the hunting dog John. After the death of Akakabuto, he stayed in Ou. But as more and more people got killed in the mountains, Hidetoshi got the assignment to kill all the wild dogs of Ou. It is not until he hears the story of Kaibutsu from Daisuke he finally believes that it is something different and far more deadly, than the wild dogs, terrorizing Ou Mountains.

Together with Daisuke he drives to the mountain to find and kill this beast. They find Kaibutsu as Weed and his group is fighting him. As they fall from the cliff, Hidetoshi and Daisuke go to search for them. They find Kaibutsu killed and travel back to Ou village. Here he and Daisuke meet an old police man called Shouji Sudou, who tells them about the two Great Danes Hougen and Genba. Hidetoshi helps the villagers blow up Gajou to put an end Hougen's siege on Ou.

In the Hokkaido arc, Hidetoshi and Daisuke hear the news of pet and stray dogs getting missing. As they encounter Weed, they decide to follow the young dog.

They are lead to the scene of a battle between the Ou army lead by Weed and the Russian invaders lead by Victor. Together, the two men cares for the dogs wounded in battle and provides them with food and water.