Breed Mastiff
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - Moss's Pack
Status Alive
  • Brown
  • Father - Moss
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Jaguar in GNGEdit

Jaguar is the son of Moss. Jaguar and his friend Lloyd gets attacked by Sniper, as they are on their way back to Kasumi mountain. Jaguar becomes wounded badly, but saved by Gin.

When Jaguar gets away from the fight, he rushes to Ben's platoon to tell what has happend. Great stays with him, while the rest of the platoon runs to find Moss and Gin. Jaguar joins Ben’s platoon together with his father and their pack. Jaguar is the one who fight Kuromamushi from Kyushu and made him join the fight against Akakabuto.

Jaguar in GDWEdit

Jaguar is the son of Moss. He comes to aid Weed along with his father in the fight against Hougen.

In the Hokkaido arc, Jaguar fights bravely against the Russian invader, Bozlef's soldiers. When his father, Moss, is killed by Bozlef and his soldiers; Jaguar avange his father's death by grapping Bozlef and crush his skull against a cliff.

Jaguar himself, badly wounded from the long fight, passes out as he kills Bozlef. After the fight, Jaguar is treated for his wounds by Gin's old owner, Daisuke and the doctor, Hidetoshi. After a couple of days, he is released again into the wild, where he reunites with the Ou army.