Ken (剣)

Breed Great Dane/Saluki Mix
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Alive
  • Father - Ben
  • Mother - Cross
  • Brother - George
  • Sister - Minnie
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Blade/Sword

Ken in GNGEdit

Ken was born as the son of the platoon leader Ben and the female Cross. He has two siblings: George and Miney.

He, his siblings and his mother were kidnapped by the wolf Retsuga and taken to the wolves' leader Reima. They were released when his father came to rescue them.

There are not much information about him in Ginga nagareboshi Gin, but he plays a big role in Ginga Densetsu WEED.

Ken in GDWEdit

Ken is the son of Ben and Cross. He has two siblings called George and Miney. Ken is the leader of a small group of soldiers near the borders of Ou. His best friend is the Kai-ken, Kagetora even though he doesn't show it so often.

Ken joins Weed after he sees the strength and courage of the little puppy. They unite forces against the monster canine, Kaibutsu who is terrorizing the Utopia of Ou.

After Kaibutsu is defeated, the old Ou warrior Akame arrives and tells that Gin, the great leader of Ou, has been captured by the evil dog, Hougen. Ken and Kagetora are now send to Kofu to find Ken's parents and Kagetora's father in the hope that they will join the upcoming battle against Hougen. When they return with reinforcements, Ken and Kagetora reunite with Weed’s group again.

Ken is very protective and will fight to kill everyone who threatens his friends or family. He stays a loyal member of Weeds pack though-out the series.