Kisaragi (如月)

Breed Siberian Husky
  • Current - Mutsu
  • Formally - Ohu
Status Deceased (Masahige and his soldiers)
  • Sons - Kisaragi's Sons (GNG), 19 unamed sons, Izou, Kogoro, Kichinosuke, Shintarou, Shinsaku, Shirozaku
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Febuary

Kisaragi in GNGEdit

Kisaragi was the leader of that group of wild dogs in Mutsu, that trapped Ben and the group as prisoners in a valley. He and his commandors are known as the four Mutsu generals.

When Terry, the leader of Riki's fifth platoon comes to ask Kisaragi for aid in the battle against Akakabuto, Kisaragi overpowers the platoon and force them to join his pack. When Terry commits mutiny and shows his loyalty towards Riki, Kisaragi fights him. Kisaragi wins the battle by blinding Teri.

Filled with fury, Kisaragi returns to his prisenors and finds out that they're trying to escape. He enters a fight with Ben's platoon and soon realise that their goal of defeating Akakabuto is a goal worth living and dying for. However, the fight with the platoon had distracted Kisaragi from his two sons who meanwhile got killed by Akakabuto's henchmen. He then joins Ben's platoon.

Kisaragi in GDWEdit

Kisaragi is the former leader of the four Mutsu Generals and the father of 19 sons.

He encounters with the Kai-ken Shigure, the son of Chutora, and hears about the two Great Danes, Hougen's and Genba's try to overthrow Gin. Kisaragi sends his six sons, Shinsaku, Shintarou, Shirosaku, Kogoro, Kichinosuke and Izou towards the fortress Gajou, as he fears that he himself is too old to fight the battle.

After Hougen's death, Kisaragi's sons return to their father in Mutsu. However, they don't get peace for long. The Siberian husky, Hakuro is in trouble in Hokkaido and has send his son Susaku to ask for help. Kisaragi and all of his sons travel to Hokkaido to help his old friend in the battle against the Russian invader, Victor.

Kisaragi loses nine of his sons in battle.

Kisaragi in GDWOEdit

No info besides Kisaragi is killed.