Kurojaki (黒邪鬼)

Breed Shikoku Ken
  • Current - Koga
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Commited suicide)
  • Son - Tesshin/Chibi
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Black Devil

Kurojaki in GNGEdit

Kurojaki was previously caught in the wild by the Collie, Wilson's owner to be used as a circus dog. He couldn’t stand it and killed Wilson's son, Londo and kidnapped his mate, Lean. He killed her and ate her, leaving only her skeleton in a cave.

Kurojaki is the leader of the clan of the Koga dogs who fights the clan, Iga. He uses a scythe as weapon and has killed many Iga dogs with it. When Akame enters Kurojaki's territory, Kurojaki is notefied of their plans from his minion, Maya. He surrounds Akame's party (Akame, Gin, Kirikaze and Jinnai).

In the following fight with Akame and Gin, he loses his right eye because he gets his own weapon in it. Kurojaki commits suicide by jumping into the Iga house, which Akame has put on fire to end the battle between the clans.