Kurotora (黒虎)

Breed Kai Ken
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Alive
  • Brothers - Akatora, Chutora
  • Sons - Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora
  • Nephews - Shigure, Shouji, Buru, Dodo
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Black Tiger

Kurotora in GNGEdit

Kurotora is the brother of Chutora and Akatora and the youngest of the Kai-brothers. Kurotora and his brothers were abandoned by their master when they were about a month old.

They were attacked by a dreadfull snake, but their wild temper saved them and they killed the big snake. Later on, they were attacked by a marten, who wanted to eat them. Kurotora was the first one to get attacked, and he lost his right eye. However, the Great dane and platoon leader, Ben came to aid and chased the marten away.

When the brothers met Ben's platoon, they didn't recognize Ben instantly. Insted they fight him and his platoon. But when Akatora remembers how Ben saved him and his brother's life, he stops the fight at once and joins the group. Akatora dies in the final battle against Akakabuto.

After the final battle against Akakabuto, Kurotora starts searching for Cross (together with Gin’s pack) who has been kidnapped by wolves. He now encounters with the wolf Hyakkiga whom he fights. After Hyakkiga has been killed (by Noroi), Kurotora tries to catch up with Gin's pack but meets the monster wolf Raiga. They too fight, but the fight ends when Raiga finds out who Kurotora is. Both of them now rushes to the Underworld to help Gin.

Kurotora in GDWEdit

Kurotora is the only surviving Kai brother from the old Kai territory. He had two brothers, Akatora and Chutora, but both have been claimed by death. Kurotora has three sons: Harutora, Kagetora and Nobutora.

When he first hears about Weed, he is together with his sons and nephews Shigure, Shoji, Dodo and Buru, whom he took care of after their father, Chutora, died. Kurotora decides to go and defend the fortress Gajou together with his nephews. He orders his sons to stay with Kagetora and find Weed.

As Kurotora arrives at the fortress, the enemy Genba is approaching. Just before the fight, the Kishu, Akame arrives and pulls Kurotora out over a cliff and into a river (to spare him from the battle). Kurotora's pride is hurt and he is angry. But those feelings are soon replaced with sorrow as he later finds the dead bodies of his nephews who didn't survive the battle. He now swears that he will do all he can to kill those responsible for his nephews' death.

His revenge comes when first Genba and later on Hougen are both killed.

Kurotora stays a part of the Ou army through-out the manga.