Noroi ()

Species Wolf
  • Current - Reima's Pack
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by Thousand Dragon)
  • Brother - Juga
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Curse

Noroi in GNGEdit

Noroi is the younger brother of Juga. He is the teacher of Reima's soldiers and murderer of Retsuga's mother. Noroi kills Hyakkiga as a punishment for not killing Gin. He works for Mugen, but after Mugen tries to kill him, he decides to work fully for Gin.

Noroi gets killed when he sacrifices his life by jumping into Thousand Dragon's trick gate to the Underworld. He gets crushed by Thousand Dragon and his 999 servants. Before Noroi dies, he admits that he worked for Mugen and that he gave Reima’s hideout away to Gaia's army.