Takeda Gohei (竹田五兵衛)

Species Human
  • Current - None
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Died of old age
Age 67
Name Meaning None

Takeda Gohei in GDREdit

Takeda Gohei is a very skilled at training bear dogs. He has several of them at home, including the great dog Shiro. After a year, Takeda Gohei goes to the house of Bizen, where the female dog Yamabuki has given birth to Shiro’s puppies.

He chose a dog he believe will be a good hunting dog and walks away. After 6 months, his grandson Daisuke comes running and tells him that there is a little dog that saved him and that he needs help. Takeda Gohei runs to the scene and is stunned by seing a young puppy fighting three adult dogs.

Afterwards, he is being called to a house in the mountains, where some hunters has been killed. He walks through the woods with Shiro, searching for the killer. Suddenly they gets attacked by Akakabuto who rips off Takeda’s left ear. Takeda pics up his riffle and shoot out the bear’s left eye. He then pass out and when he wakes up, Akakabuto falls from a cliff and takes Takeda Gohei’s dog Shiro with him.

Takeda Gohei in GNGEdit

The old man Takeda Gohei is a hunter and very skilled in training bear dogs. He has trained Shiro, Riki and Gin. Five years ago he was out hunting with Gin's grandfather Shiro. They were attacked by the bear Akakabuto who ripped off Gohei's left ear. In return, Gohei shot out the bear’s right eye.

Even though Gohei is a skilled hunter, he loses both Shiro and Riki to the monster bear. In the end Gohei gets his revenge when the bear is killed by his old dog Gin. Gohei dies from old age.